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Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Salary & Benefits (2020 Updated)


Qatar Airways is ranked as one of the best airlines in the world and has received

numerous awards for its onboard service.

While expectations on their cabin crew are very high, so are the rewards and to this end,

Qatar oers an excellent salary and benets package.

Plenty of parameters aect a Qatar Airways cabin crew salary, but in the beginning,

ight attendants start out at 7,000 QAR – 13,000 QAR ($1,922 – $3,570) a month. This

money is tax-free and includes basic payment plus ight hours and layover allowance,

but as the ight attendant becomes more experienced, that rate goes up quite


Salary break down

The Qatar cabin crew salary consist of:  Basic pay + Flying hours + Layover Allowance

To explain these three elements in detail:

Basic pay:

This is the xed monthly amount paid to every employee every month before any extras

are added or deducted.

Flying hours:

This is how many hours you y per month, calculated from the actual time an aircraft

leaves the blocks and pushes back from the gate to the time it arrives (and is blocked in)

at the gate at its destination.

Essentially, this means from the time the plane’s wheels start rolling at the start of the

journey until they stop rolling at the end of it.

Layover Allowance:

This is a daily meal allowance paid when the crew has to stay in another city

Because the last two – ying hours and layover allowance – are variable, the pay

uctuates from month to month.

But you will be looking at around 10,000QAR ($2,746) on average per month in total.

Career path

This is the basic structure of the career path with Qatar.

As you can see, it’s pretty straight forward and relies heavily on experience.

There are no shortcuts, you must do the hours and gain the know-how in order to move

up the ladder.

Cabin Crew F2 (Economy Class): After approximately 1 year and a half, or 2 years you

can upgrade to,

Cabin Crew F1 (Business): where you will spend 1 -2 years, then to,

Cabin crew F1 (First Class) 1-2 years experience and then,

Cabin Senior CS where you will be in charge of either the Economy crew/cabin or

Business crew/cabin. Then, after approximately 2-3 years, you can apply for

Cabin Services Director CSD/Purser. Top rung on the ladder. The purser is in charge of

the whole aircraft.

The basic salary for a new hire is 3,800 QAR ($1,042) per month for the rst 6

probationary months.

After that, the basic salary rises to 4,000 QAR ($1,098).

Obviously, the higher you move up in the career path, the more money you’ll earn.

But typically it will take you 6 or more years to reach the highest pay grade as cabin


So there are rewards for every step in the career path and a clear way forward for those

who want to progress.

Flight hours: How many hours do you

y per month?

Flight hours are an important factor in calculating your pay.

It’s really important to get your head around the fact that you’ll only get paid for the

hours spent in ight.

You don’t get paid for the time spent pre-ight in the pre-ight brieng, for boarding,

pre-takeo duties and disembarking.

This all comes with the territory and should be considered as just a normal facet of your

work as a ight attendant.

On average you will y 90-120 hours a month, but it could be more.

Compared to other airlines, this is quite a lot. But it does mean bigger paychecks and

the opportunity to save a lot of all that tax-free money.

Let’s do a ‘back of the envelope’ calculation.

If you y 96 hours this month and you are paid at the rate of 50QAR ($13.70) per hour,


96 hours x 50QAR ($13.70)  = 4,800QAR ($1,315) just for your ight hours.

You will then have to add in the layover allowance pay, which is a meal allowance paid

when crew stay in cities other than the one which is their home base.

Allowance pay

Firstly, you don’t always have layovers.

If you have a short ight you’ll probably come back to base.

That’s called turn around ight.

For example, Doha-Kuwait is only a 1 hour 25 min ight, you’ll y back to Doha on the

same day.

In this case, you don’t get the allowance pay because you are going back to your own


But if you do a longer ight, you’ll probably have to stay at the nal destination.

This means that  your hotel accommodation will be provided for nothing and a layover

allowance will be paid.

The allowance paid varies according to the cost of living in the country in which the

layover takes place.

Here is an example of how the cost of living in a country can aect the amount of

money you receive in allowance pay.

Bangkok 180QAR = $49.44 per day

Paris 400QAR = $109 per day

That’s over a 100% dierence between what you would get for a layover in Paris

compared to what you would receive in Bangkok.

But it’s a fair calculation because what you are getting paid reects how much your

costs are going to be.

Anyone who has bought a meal in Paris as well as one in Bangkok knows just how much

cheaper it is to eat in the Thai capital.

At the end of the month, you’ll average between $300 – $500 in allowance pay.

This will be included in your monthly salary, but with some airlines, e.g. Emirates, you

get paid in cash at each destination.

Average salary sample in Qatar Airways

Let’s put all that together and crunch the numbers.

Here is a monthly salary sample for a new hire at Qatar Airways:

Let’s take the previous example of having clocked up 96 ying hours for the month and

add in 5 trips allowances.

Basic pay: 3,800 QAR ($1,043)


Flying 96 hours: 4,800 QAR ($1,315)


Allowance: between 1,092 QAR ($300) and 1,820QAR ($500)

Total pay per month = 9,692 QAR ($2,661) to 10,420 QAR ($2,861)


Remember that the above calculation is the salary component of your remuneration


Apart from this, you’ll get other attractive benets.

In money terms, these can add up to being quite substantial.

Accommodation, your own room, in a  shared apartment with 2-3 people with all

bills paid except for the internet. This is usually divided up between the atmates.

Transportation to and from work

Discounts at the airport shops, and in shops and hotels all over Doha

Discount tickets for you and your family on ights. But these are only if there are

available any unallocated seats.

Once a year one free conrmed ticket to your home country

Free Laundry (for your uniform)

30 days leave per year

Free insurance card worldwide

Medical insurance, which included dental work

As I say, these benets translate into real money when you examine them. Travel to and

from work, for instance, is a large cost for many employees. But with Qatar, this is all

taken care of for you.


When you complete your recruitment training and medicals, you’ll be given a joining

date and Qatar will pay for:

Your ticket to Doha (Qatar)

Your visa fees

All training paid for at the basic rate of salary

And on your rst day there you’ll get a welcome bonus of 2,000QAR ($549.30)


A three-year open-ended contract,

Travel concessions on Qatar Airways and partner airlines.

Wrap up

As I said, Qatar has high expectations of its sta because they are consistently ranked as

one of the best airlines in the world.

But in exchange for those expectations, they reward their employees with a salary and

benets package that is second to none in the aviation industry.

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